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About Me

About Me

When did you know you wanted to be a Voice Actor?

I have always known that I love narrating, public speaking, and reading. When I used to listen to the radio news show by Voice of America with my family with genuine excitement, baited breath and intensity! Just sitting there listenening to the voice of the international journalist.  When I would l raise my hand in class with such fervor I almost became airborne with my vicariously waving  propellor arm. Waving with ever increasing ferocity just to be picked to read aloud. Yup, that was me. I was THAT kid. (Y'all I knew, I always knew.) Working full time as a Voiceover actor was a leap of faith that took  immense courage to claim as a first generation American. The arts were not an option - lawyer, doctor, or engineer were the approved choices.


"I chose the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference"

                                Robert Frost

 As a professional  voice actor I have taken that road! In doing so I have had the privilege to narrate commercials, films, e learning, explainer, politcal ads and audiobooks to name just a few.

 Finding the right voice to narrate your story, share your product, motivate, or drive sales can make all the difference.

As a Voice Over Artist I know my job is to evoke emotion with your words.

As an audiobook narrator, I choose to voice projects that I believe are an added value for listeners.

My goal everytime in each genre is to convey your message with engaging quality and clarity. 

Let's create something amazing together today!


Proud member of the professional society of World Voices.Org!

For Union and Non Union Film, Commercial, or Animation please contact my agent directly to book. 

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